Make your products come alive

WRLDS IoT platform for consumer products

A tiny Ai enabled sensor can add digital life to your products and create entirely new user experiences for your customers. WRLDS makes it easy for any company to get started.

Bluetooth with NRF SoC BLE
9-axis sensor
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Dust- and water proof IP67
Extreme shock resistant
Small size fits any product

come alive

Technology integration

WRLDS IoT platform makes your brand future proof by adding a digital extension to your product. For gamification or productivity. Experienced through an app.

Virtual coaching

Turn golf training into a fun event with digital feedback on your stroke consistency. View your day to day progression in your smartphone.

Real world gaming

Move gaming outdoors by merging classic toys with tech. Train a skateboard to recognize street moves and turn skateboarding into a real world gaming experience.

Pet activity tracking

Ensure that your dog gets the activity required for its breed. Detect any anomaly in motion during the hours alone at home.

Virtual competitions

Creating a connected version of your product will enhance the fun and let you create a global community of users competing with each other.

Analytics dashboard

A real time dashboard over your Brand’s connected products will provide aggregated user insights like never before.

Machine learning

A machine learning training module lets your product recognize patterns such as a skateboard trick, dog activity patterns or analyze your golfswing.

Create a developer community

WRLDS SDKs enables developers to create applications and games for their products using the WRLDS platform.

In app revenue

An application connected to your products enables a direct channel of sales for your brand, both in terms of digital purchases and an online shop for your physical products.

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