Make your products come alive

Wrlds helps world class brands to make smart, connected, ‘digi-physical’ products  – without the time, cost, and risk of in-house R&D.

Our technology is a total platform – innovative software and hardware that brings products to life and we’re there to guide you at every step.

Powered by Wrlds

Berg AirHive is gamifying the backyard trampoline scene with a jump tracker built on the Wrlds platform. Using motion sensors and machine learning, it measures every move, turning them into engaging games and online challenges.

Wrlds and Berg are taking movement, health, and fun to the next level.

Powered by Wrlds

Micro Mobility adds the possibility for its youngest fans to use their Scooters as a mobile game controller. And it also rewards them outdoor usage

Stay relevant for tomorrow’s consumer

The number of connected products is exploding – by 2025 the figure is forecast to triple to 25 billion units. The metaverse is bringing together digital and physical experiences – tomorrow all products will be smart products.

Wrlds has the expertise and experience to help you bring your products to life.

Customer insights like never before

With connected products, brands can continue to engage with and learn from customers – even after their products have left the shelf.

How is your product being used? How often? What improvements do you need to initiate to make the customer experience even more rewarding?

All this visualized through a real time dashboard

Happiness can be measured in movement.

Wrlds is especially passionate about elevating the fun of physical activity for a new increasingly inactive generation. Gamification offers a way to bring added value to digital experiences, making them more rewarding than ever.

About us

Wrlds is on a mission to help companies bring products to life, adding connectivity and gamification to exceed the expectations of a new generation of consumers.

Your success is our success – our agile, expert team works alongside you, taking the risk out of R&D projects and radically reducing time and cost to market. 

From software to hardware to an entire community ecosystem, we have the tools and experience to let you create amazing products that are only limited by your imagination.