Powering up global brands with smart experiences

Wrlds is enabling global brands as well as start-ups to create new product experiences, always with the end-user in mind.

First responder health

Wrlds has partnered up with the uniform experts at Prevent & Deloza to create an integrated uniform for first responders that will improve their safety and effectiveness. The uniform will feature advanced sensors that monitor the wearer’s vital signs, location, and movements in real-time. This data will be transmitted to a central command center, allowing for faster and more accurate response times in emergency situations. The partnership between Wrlds and Prevent & Deloza is expected to revolutionize the way first responders work and save lives.

Using smart sensors for predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a proactive approach to prevent costly downtime, production losses, and safety hazards in industries. It involves using advanced technologies and data analysis techniques to detect potential faults and defects in equipment before they occur. The process includes monitoring various parameters using sensors and analyzing data using advanced algorithms.

With multiple solutions tested in wide ranging industrial solutions, Wrlds platform is perfectly suited for fast and robust implementations providing insights like never before.

Berg AirHive – using AI to track tricks

We are extremely proud to be able to present the most groundbreaking innovation since the first trampoline was invented., says Roëll Wiedijk, Product Manager at Berg Toys.

Based on Wrlds IoT platform, BERG has introduced a jump tracker that brings a whole new way to have fun on a trampoline.

The Airhive uses a 9-axis sensor for motion tracking. A machine learning algorithm identifies each individual’s specific motions and can currentlrecognize +20 different acrobatic tricks. 

Fitness & Health – Wrlds’ wearable health tracker

Wrlds IoT Platform is the perfect complement to health and fitness tracking devices. In this specific case Wrlds have developed a product that measures heart rate, SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation), body temperature and acceleration to monitor a wide variety of health parameters such as recovery, sleep quality, training intensity and more.

While this specific product is still under development, the core platform will be available as a white label product.

Mini Micro Delux Smart – smart kids use smart scooters

Wrlds is at the heart of the latest product from the world’s leading Scooter brand – Micro. With an add-on product based on the Wrlds IoT platform, Micro is offering a digital extension for their youngest fans that rewards them for active outdoor use. The “Smart Micro Egg” also allows the scooter itself to become a controller for tablet based games that teach traffic rules to young ones while providing a fun experience at the same time.

Using AI for trick recognition

Wrlds AI toolbox is used to record a vast amount of jump data from people ranging from competitive gymnasts to casual jumpers. So far more than 4000 jumps have been recorded, labelled and processed, creating the AI algorithm at the heart of AirHive.

Insights with every bounce 

As AirHive users register in the app, a new world of insight becomes available for Berg Toys. On an aggregated level, this data provides real time insight into user behaviour, along with levels of satisfaction – this data can be used as the basis for ongoing product improvements.


Our platform is being integrated in products from global brands as well as international start up companies. Some of our public customers are represented here.

In addition to our customers, Wrlds works with an expert network of partners covering each step in getting award winning smart sensors to market.