The WRLDS home app is the portal into using WRLDS. It guides you to connect ball, takes you through a tutorial of mini games, helps you register to unlock the other games. WRLDS home is the directory for all available games and also includes a global leader board to keep track of your bounce, daily streaks and will reward players in different ways.


Time to get that sweat going. Bring the gang together and compete in speed, reflexes and coordination. Everyone can play but only one can win.
Choose between five games that will test your reaction speed, strength and coordination and get started.


Dance – Beat the Beat is a rhythm based game in which you need to catch the falling arrows by throwing your smart ball between your left and right hands.
Choose between different levels and increase the difficulty with higher pace, more movement and more intense rhythm!


Meet the fart generator Squeesh. Squeesh is fantastically suitable for the very youngest in age as well as in mind. Choose your veggie and find the ultimate bounce pattern. Hard, soft, shakyshake- no matter what you do you will create a symphony of vicious farts!


Only enlightened Souls can vanquish the darkness. Use magic spells to fight monsters!
Explore a mystical universe, gather Element Shards to increase your Soul’s powers. Bounce your smart ball to recharge your energy!


Meet your Evosaur! It loves to play but also needs to be taken care of. Work your way through it’s miniature world and help it get food, sleep and exercise. By taking perfect care of your Evosaur it will evolve to new levels becoming stronger and more fit.