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Make your products come alive

Wrlds provides the technical solution to companies who have decided to enhance the experience of their products or services with digital abilities based on sensors, connectivity and AI.

We make your smart product ideas become reality!

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Powered by Wrlds

Wrlds solution for motion analysis and connectivity is powering the jumptracker BERG AirHive. With sensors and machine learning, it detects and analyzes acrobatic jumps to provide feedback on the performance directly in your smartphone.

Powered by Wrlds

Micro Mobility adds the possibility for its youngest fans to use their Scooters as a mobile game controller. And it also rewards them outdoor usage

Make your products come alive - wrlds technologies

Stay relevant for tomorrow’s consumer

Sensor data and AI are becoming increasingly valuable in the sporting industry. When you start measuring movement, it opens a world of opportunities, enabling brands to add digital abilities for performance analysis, digital coaching or gamification which makes your brand even more engaging.

Easy to get started

We help our customers in all phases of product development cycle, from concept creation, prototyping and on to the launch of the finished product. If you already have an idea you want to bring to reality that is great, but we are happy to help you explore what digital abilities sensors and AI can add to your products.

We get you started with an ideation workshop or a proof of concept study to validate your initial ideas, before you make a decision to invest in the technology.

Make your products come alive - wrlds technologies

Our offer

  • Products and service development for innovative companies who wants to add digital abilities, sensors and connectivity and AI to their existing products.
  • Avanced data analysis for companies who already have sensors integrated, but need help to create the machine learning algorithms.
  • Sensors and AI analysis for data driven product evaluation in your R&D labs .

About us

At Wrlds Technologies, we are experts in motion tracking, connectivity and sensor data analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We are passionate about the possibility to develop engaging sports products that makes movement more fun and performance easier to track. We are also dedicated to integrating digital technology, sensors, and AI to create cutting-edge IoT solutions, addressing diverse applications such as animal health monitoring, product testing, and industrial usage.

We’re based in Stockholm – the Unicorn capital of the world – and our team of experts are passionate about helping you create the best sports products possible.