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We are experts in sensors, software and data analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning. With Wrlds IoT platform at core, we provide an end-to-end solution that enables companies to bring their dream product from concept design to volume production.

As our technology has proven its effectiveness in the sporting goods industry, we are rapidly expanding our reach and applying it across a growing number of industries.

Sports & Health

Sports have been revolutionized by the rise of technology, with data-driven insights and analysis transforming the way athletes play and train. Motion tracking has become one of the groundbreaking tools for assessing performance levels and avoiding injury – changing how we understand our favorite games!

Our core platform enable you to implement technology to start measuring and analysing motion using AI and machine learning.

Motion tracking

By measuring how athletes move, from the gait of a runner to the swing of a golfer, professionals can gain insight into the mechanics of their subject’s skillset which offers feedback on where improvements can be made.

By using typical 9-axis sensors you will be able to measure acceleration, rotation, orientation, angles of movement. Using AI for analysis, you will be able to analyse motion patterns with very high precision.

The tiny sensor product can often be integrated into existing products, but may also be developed as a stand-alone product.

Biometric data

Measuring heart rate (HR) data gives coaches an idea of fatigue levels and conditioning of their athletes, allowing them to adjust training for better long term performance.

As technology advances, measuring even more metrics like body temperature and respiration rate are becoming increasingly feasible in both professional and amateur sports alike, making it an exciting time to exploit the potential benefits measuring movement and biometric data provides.

Animal health

Our IoT platform is also adapted for animal health monitoring. By using machine learning algorithms, our motion tracker can continuously track a dog’s movements and provide insights into the amount of exercise the dog gets in relation to its breed, as well as detecting any changes in behavior that may indicate illness.

Additionally, it can gamify dog walking by turning it into a family challenge with weekly rewards for the most active members.

IoT solutions

We collaborate with customers from increasingly disparate industries and find our platform able to connect the most complex industries.

With the experience from developing high-precision solutions for sports brands, we have started to apply this in product areas such as medicinal use and for companies addressing the needs of first responder groups.

We are happy to discuss how we can address the needs of your specific company and evaluate how our platform can be adapted to solve it.

Business model

Wrlds offers a unique business model that has us invested directly into the success of every customer’s project. We eliminate the burden of high up front consulting fees and instead charge a licence fee once the successful product hits the market.

Licence fee

Our license fee covers the right to use and maintenance of our platform including firmware, SDKs and machine learning modules.

Project pricing

There is always a degree of implementation needed with our platform. For this we charge hourly rates that cover our costs during the development phase.

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