Partners for every need

Wrlds uses a network of specialists allowing for complex projects to be carried out in a structured method with perfect results

At Wrlds, we’re committed to providing comprehensive solutions that help businesses optimize their operations and achieve their business goals. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of smart sensor tools that enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and action. From our PCB design studio to our AI build engine and more, our tools are designed to make it easy for businesses to leverage the power of smart sensor technology.

Alster Digital

Award winning design studio based in Stockholm with 60+ experts in all fields from design, UI, UX, mobile apps, web and more. Alster have worked with Wrlds on multiple projects and are well acquainted with the entire tech stack allowing for seamless integrations at minimum risk.

Wrlds collaborates with two different partners based in Sweden with a combined record of over 30 years experience delivering complex mechanical solutions for electronics. Close relations, multiple completed projects and mutual understanding of complexities allow for smooth integrations of electronics in everything from basic plastic encapsulations to high performance textile products.

Wrlds uses world renowned SGS for testing and issuance of reports in regards to CE and FCC upon request from customers.


For data traffic, SIM cards and management tools, Wrlds rely on global telecoms operator Tele2. With an established working relationship, local presence in Stockholm and simple APIs, Wrlds can manage all things related to connectivity through this partnership including data traffic globally, GPS operations etc.

Nordic Semiconductor

Wrlds has been working closely with Nordic Semiconductor since 2018 with experience from the majority of available components and software stacks. Unless instructed otherwise, Wrlds rely on Nordic for Bluetooth and WiFi components including relevant software protocolls when handling wireless communications.

Products and services

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