Proof of concept framework

In the spirit of reducing cost, risk and time to market we typically start off each new partnership with a proof of concept phase. For standard cases this phase takes 4-6 weeks and is invoiced at a fixed cost of 7.500 €/$.

By the end of a POC we aim to have answers to all the areas that are perceived to be the highest risk for each individual project whether it relates to hardware, software or interface.

POC modules

Below modules make up the core structure of the POC framework. Depending on customer readiness in different aspects, focus is laid where it makes most sense. For most customers this means we spend a majority of the POC period on one or two of below modules.


A 2-hour workshop defining the user story, business insight needs as well as the key success factors and decision criterias that the POC will be evaluated against.

  • Specification of concept
  • Identification of risk areas
  • Decision on proof points

Data validation

Data sampling and analysis using Wrlds existing HW or existing off-the-shelf modules to validate user cases

  • Data recording with standard hardware
  • Data analysis by AI Engineers
  • Modell validation with customer

App interface

UX and UI ideation with mockups or sketches of main screens to represent a possible app concept.

  • Meetings with UX and concept devs
  • Outline of app concept drawn up
  • Main features defined

Presentation package

All material compiled together in a conclusion of the concept direction including a suggested project scope and recommendation for the next phase of the project.

  • Presentation package
  • Data modell algorithm
  • Basic testing app

Some of our clients

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