Product and project estimation

Beta tool for realtime estimation on project and product scope

How it works

The chatbot below has been trained to help give you an idea on what type of electronics and software is needed for your product. To start, simply write hello and answer the questions that follow. The chatbot is in beta and is constantly improving but should help you get an indication on the scope and complexity of your idea.

Examples on what to ask

Example 1: Industry 4.0

Hi, I want to make a device that is connected to the internet and that identifies unusual vibration patterns in our generators. When such vibration patterns occur I want to get an alarm on a dashboard. What electronics do I need and how complex is the development?

Example 2: Smart golf putting

Hi, I want to make a sensor that sits on the golf club and help me improve my swing. What electronics do I need and how complex is the development?

  • Please note that your conversations will be recorded.

  • Wrlds: Hi, to generate an estimate I want to ask you a few questions first. Say hello to get going.

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