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Wrlds platform ensures each project to be completed in the shortest time possible and at low cost and risk. Our software and modular approach allow us to configure each product specifically for each use case. When signing up for a new project we start with a brainstorming session asking our customer all the questions needed to define the proper hardware and software before development starts. From that point it takes approximately 5-7 weeks before you have the first prototypes at hand, ready to be tested in the real environment.

After completion of the first phase, the customer has everything needed to define the road to commercialization together with Wrlds. In the second phase, we prepare AI models when applicable, make sure that the software is robust enough for mass production, prepare mechanics and additional user interfaces when necessary and proceed to produce the first serial produced batch. During this phase there might be a need to bring in Wrlds partners for app development, mechanics or other parts. Wrlds supports the customer in each step until, and past, the launching date.

Wrlds utilizes a big portfolio of components basing choices on product specifications, expected cost of materials, quality specifications and market availability. We always make sure to pick the most relevant components needed for the specific product with regards to cost and performance.

In stage 1 we do all the work defining your product, testing the main assumptions and samling the first prototypes. This part is done no matter which of the packages you will end up doing. Wrlds will guide you through everything and handle as much or little as you require. If everything works according to pre-defined goals we proceed to stage 2.

In stage 2 we do most of the software adaptations including getting the firmware ready for production, preparing optional AI models and set everything up for which ever volume you plan to produce.

After stage 2 you proceed to production. Wrlds will help with as much or little as you need at this point but will always make sure to stay with you to make sure the hardware is up to date, devices on the market are behaving as expected and that relevant software is optimized.

It’s hard to give an exact number without knowing your specific requirements. The simpler electronics can cost from around 6-7$ in bigger volumes but this number can also pass 100$ per unit if you add a lot of additional components. As a general rule of thumb, the basic package should cost around 8-12$ in most cases while the complex system is likely to cost between 12-20$ in production. The bill of materials will be made available in the first stage of the project after which adjustments can be made if necessary.

For most of our customers, Wrlds handles everything during the development phase. We are however highly flexible and should of course not be building interfaces on your behalf if you have those skills in-house. When Wrlds partner network is involved, we’ve found that most customers prefer to have Wrlds as a single point of contact to avoid risks of misscommunicaiton.

During the development phase Wrlds will source the production with partners in Sweden or China in order to ensure good quality. If, after the development project is completed, you want to produce the electronics in your own factory, Wrlds simply hands over all the necessary documentation for this to be done smoothly.

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