Putting the AI into trampolines

May 10, 2021

Leading European trampoline producer BERG Toys is taking the trampoline experience to the next level with their new product, the BERG AirHive. In collaboration with Swedish tech company Wrlds, BERG have developed a jump tracker that not only makes it possible to measure one’s own movements, jumps, and tricks on the trampoline but also allows users around the world to challenge each other.

With AI technology, the BERG AirHive is changing the way backyard trampolines are used. For the first time, consumers can track and measure activities for a completely transformed experience. Behind the technical solution is Swedish tech company Wrlds – the specialist in end-to-end movement monitoring solutions that bring insights and fun to motion. With machine learning, the AirHive will also keep recognizing new tricks, enabling the product to become better and better with time and stay fresh.

We are extremely proud to be able to present the most groundbreaking innovation since the first trampoline was invented. BERG AirHive makes the experience even more social, by connecting users all over the world and letting them challenge each other.

Roëll Wiedijk, Product Manager at BERG Toys.

The AirHive, which will be available for purchase on bergtoys.com on May 10, is suitable for all trampolines, regardless of brand. At launch, the AirHive will be able to recognize ten different acrobatic movements, a number that will gradually increase over time as new tricks are recorded and analyzed.

We have invested a lot of time in calibrating our AI-based software, by feeding it with actual jumps, performed by gymnasts under real conditions. But it does not stop there; the software is developed in parallel with its large-scale use, which means that the user gets a better product over time.

Felix von Heland, CEO of Wrlds.

The product also offers step-by-step instructions, analyzing your jumping and helping you to develop and learn new tricks. In the app, users can both review their activity, track their development and challenge other users. In 2021, the AirHive concept was awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Award.

Swedish-developed AI

Many view AI and machine learning – particularly within the field of sports and activities – as a concept from the distant future. The launch of the BERG AirHive turns this idea on its head, by launching an easily accessible product that’s perfect for today’s consumers.

There are a large number of companies that are good at sports, but most of them are still using completely analog systems. We are increasingly being contacted by such companies, as our platform lets them connect existing technology to their products. This enables them to offer their users an entirely new user experience without any major modifications.

Joakim Liljedahl, co-founder and CRO at Wrlds.

BERG AirHive is available for €79 at www.bergtoys.com/uk/trampolines from May 10th. Within short, it will also be available at BERG retailers. More information: https://we.tl/t-KYTf9DyPqF

About Wrlds

Wrlds Creations AB is a Swedish tech company with solutions that enable companies to add digital experiences that enable great products to become connected and smart. Wrlds’ ambition is to be a tech provider that helps the world’s most renowned brands within sports and activity to get connected and create stronger experiences for tomorrow’s consumers. www.wrlds.com

About BERG Toys

The Dutch company BERG Toys B.V. designs, manufactures and sells high quality outdoor toys such as go-karts, trampolines and other toys under the brand name BERG. BERG has more than 35 years’ experience in developing, producing and selling active outdoor playtime pleasure! Our high-quality go-karts and trampolines guarantee years of playtime fun and this made BERG a global market leader. The company today is represented in over 3,000 retailers in 75 countries. BERG’s aim is to provide as many children as possible with pure fun and active play with high quality materials.