Tools for fast and robust IoT

Explore the tools and modules that allow us to deploy your smart AI powered sensors faster, at lower risk and cost.

At Wrlds, we’re committed to providing comprehensive solutions that help businesses optimize their operations and achieve their business goals. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of smart sensor tools that enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and action. From our PCB design studio to our AI build engine and more, our tools are designed to make it easy for businesses to leverage the power of smart sensor technology.

PCB Design Studio

Our PCB Design Studio enables us to choose the components that are right for your business and easily create custom PCB designs.
The tool generates all the files needed to go directly to manufacturing as well as estimated price lists.

QC app

Our QC App is an app used in production for testing hardware and registering it in our cloud.
With our QC App, you can quickly and easily ensure that your hardware meets our standards for performance and reliability.

AI Toolbox

Our AI Toolbox is an app that simplifies the recording of data for AI models, making it easy to collect and analyze sensor data.
The app can be used by both Wrlds developers and our customers, providing a seamless solution for all your data collection needs.

Label studio

Our Label Studio is an online tool that streamlines the annotation and labeling of AI data.
With easy-to-use tools and intuitive workflows, our Label Studio makes it easy to quickly annotate and label your data, enabling you to build more accurate and effective AI models.

AI build engine

Our AI Build Engine is a structured pipeline that simplifies the process of creating neural network models with event detection.
With it, we can quickly create and deploy models that enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and action. Algorithm can be embeeded on the hardware or run in the cloud depending on best solution for each case.


We use Google Cloud and AWS to provide device health overview, dashboards, and analysis for our clients.
With our Cloud integrations, you can easily monitor and analyze your sensor data in real-time, gaining valuable insights and driving actionable outcomes.


Our analytics tool provides advanced online dashboards that enable you to quickly and easily visualize your sensor data and gain valuable insights.
With this, you can easily monitor key metrics, identify trends, and take action to optimize your operations.

Demo app

Our Demo App is an app used for sensor data visualization on mobile devices.
With our Demo App, you can easily visualize your sensor data in real-time, gaining valuable insights and driving actionable outcomes.

Cloud services

For additional integrations, customers can easily integrate systems with the provided hardware in various ways. Cloud APIs allow for direct access between hardware and services assuming devices are kept online or set to send information to cloud on regular intervalls.


Wrlds provide native iOS/Andorid SDKs for app developers that help with quick and smooth integrations to app interfaces. SDK services typically handle Bluetooth connection, AI event detection and reading of sensor data.

Firmware calls

When preferred, Wrlds can provide app developers with firmware services made available from the hardware for direct readouts of data via the customer’s existing systems.

Business model

Wrlds offers a unique business model that has us invested directly into the success of every customer’s project. We eliminate the burden of high up front consulting fees and instead charge a licence fee once the successful product hits the market.